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Elizabeth IV.1 by Tommy Wonder and Card-Shark
Tommy Wonder's brilliant effect Elizabeth IV got an updated handling, making it even easier ..
Ex Tax: $49.00
Learn 40 Ways to Secretly Force A Card DVD by Magic Makers
Quick Overview Gain command of the cards and your audience like never before! Leave your spectat..
Ex Tax: $27.00
Of Dice and Men (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Tom Stone
Of Dice and Men is Tom Stone's famous "Hug/Kill" trick. You bring a participant..
Ex Tax: $93.00
A 32 page pocket-sized handbook for performing incredible magic with the DMC ELITES marked deck, the..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Regeneration by Blake Vogt and Theory11
This is your SECRET weapon of MASS deception. This is something you will save for that special mo..
Ex Tax: $72.72
Regeneration Refills by Blake Vogt and Theory11
Contains a pack of 15 handcrafted gimmicks. These are only the refills for the original product and ..
Ex Tax: $60.00
Royal Road to Card Magic 4 DVD Set by Magic Makers
The Royal Road to Card Magic Deluxe Edition is THE classic card magic course! It includes knowled..
Ex Tax: $36.00
The Top Change by Magic Christian (Hardcover) Book
In the beginning, magicians created the Bottom Change, and they saw that it was good. Many years..
Ex Tax: $56.00
Tic Tac Toe Mini (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bond Lee and Kai-Fu Wang
An amazing close-up item that plays big! After receiving great reviews from the magic community, ..
Ex Tax: $90.00
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Real Egg for Silk to Egg Routine By Magic Universe Inc
Real Egg is a must have for a Silk to Egg Production. All the eggs are hand made and are of excel..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Wonderized by Tommy Wonder - DVD
Tommy Wonder was a giant among magicians. he never once simply performed a trick. Like a Grand Maste..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Desert Brainstorm- #3, DVD
Effects Performed and Explained:Larry Becker - Extra Sensory DeceptionChristopher Caldwell - Auto Br..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Chop Cup Wooden (Custom) - Trick
Chop Cup Wooden (Custom)This Wooden Chop Cup is a quality turned cup, with a beautiful lacquered fin..
Ex Tax: $83.99
Incantatore Wand ( Hand Made) - Trick
This beautiful handcrafted wand is made from aged hardwood. Each wand in this series is a unique to ..
Ex Tax: $26.99
How to Present Yourself to an Audience by Quentin Reynolds - Book
Whether you already do a stand-up act, or are a close-up magician looking to add a stand-up spot to ..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Jabberwocky by Tony Shiels - Book
Whether you're into mentalism, mind reading, storytelling, bizarre magick, strange, weird, or spooky..
Ex Tax: $40.99
New World Tossed Deck by Christopher Bolter - Trick
Image... spreading a deck across a table. Showing all different cards in the spread. The deck is the..
Ex Tax: $54.99
X-Ray by Ben Harris and Steve Shufton - Book
When I was young, my uncle Peter fooled me badly with a simple X-Ray Vision stunt. It played serious..
Ex Tax: $26.99
Doctor Jekyll Deck by US Playing Cards
Taking inspiration from the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hy..
Ex Tax: $11.99
Refills for Lotto Square (100 units) by A.O. Smetsers and Alakazam Magic - Trick
100 Lotto Scratchers for Lotto Square by A.O. Smetsers..
Ex Tax: $49.99
Floating Stone by Bill Montana - eBook DOWNLOAD
"If I were to ask you if you have ever seen a stone float in water your answer would be No. Because,..
Ex Tax: $68.99
Phantom Band 360 by Brian Rodgers video DOWNLOAD
A totally new take on the classic idea of solid thru solid. Here's how it goes:Phase One - Borrow a ..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Cartomancy (Blue Deck) by Peter Nardi and Alakazam Magic - Tricks
Cartomancy is the art of telling fortunes with playing cards. This method of giving readings has bee..
Ex Tax: $44.99
Cartomancy (Red Deck) by Peter Nardi and Alakazam Magic - Tricks
Cartomancy is the art of telling fortunes with playing cards. This method of giving readings has bee..
Ex Tax: $44.99
Refills for Cartomancy by Alakazam Magic - Tricks
A pack of 40 refill scratch cards for the Cartomancy effect...
Ex Tax: $14.99
357 (DVD and Props) by Tom Lauten and Inner Mind Productions - DVD
From the creative mind of Tom Lauten comes "357" EffectA participant is invited to examine six cards..
Ex Tax: $40.99
Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard & Conjuring Arts Research Center - eBook DOWNLOAD
The perfect course in card magic. Start here and become a real card magician. The Royal Road to Card..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Tommy Pad by Inner Mind Productions - DVD
The Tommy Pad is without question one of the most innocent looking impression pads available for the..
Ex Tax: $54.99
Outside The Conventional (2 DVD Set) by Christopher Taylor - DVD
It's time to bring something different to the table!Outside the Conventional is the first DVD set fr..
Ex Tax: $59.99
Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchef by David Ginn - eBook DOWNLOAD
Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief, the greatest trick EVER for Cub Scout and Boy Scout banquets ..
Ex Tax: $3.99
Pro Thumper by Christopher Taylor - Trick
The Pro Thumper is one of the greatest devices ever conceived for the working mentalist that has bee..
Ex Tax: $359.99
Back Off by Tom Lauten - Trick
This routine combines two classic card magic routines and makes them obtainable to the beginner by e..
Ex Tax: $25.99
You Are Sooo Funny! (Putting Comedy Into Your Magic Show) by Alan Rich - Book
Do you get applause, but not much laughter? Wouldn't it be wonderful to generate both? This book can..
Ex Tax: $54.99
Anate: Ultimate Edition by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD
ANATE is a psychological technique. "Dee Christopher has an applied sense of a linguistic principle ..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Belief by Dee Christopher - DOWNLOAD
A collection of thoughts. Belief is the new ebook on mentalism by Dee Christopher. In this ebook, no..
Ex Tax: $32.99
Cronos by Dee Christopher - DOWNLOAD
"Dee is not only giving you an effect here. He is giving you a full routine that packs so small but ..
Ex Tax: $40.99
Dichotomy by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD
An Out Of This World variation, streamlined and ready for performing situations without a table.BASI..
Ex Tax: $27.99
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