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Learn 40 Ways to Secretly Force A Card DVD by Magic Makers
Quick Overview Gain command of the cards and your audience like never before! Leave your spectat..
Ex Tax: $27.00
Real Egg for Silk to Egg Routine By Magic Universe Inc
Real Egg is a must have for a Silk to Egg Production. All the eggs are hand made and are of excel..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Transformation Drawer Box (Professional All Wood) - Trick
This beautiful drawer box is hand crafted and is as impressive in action as it is to look at. Make i..
Ex Tax: $171.99
Balloonacy by Dennis Forel - eBook DOWNLOAD
A straight forward journey of Balloon Art that will awe and inspire your imagination, Dennis Forel A..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Balloonacy by Dennis Forel - Video DOWNLOAD
This instructional video features Dennis Forel America's foremost single balloon animal sculptor exp..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Refill for Ghost (Spare Pad and Paper) by Paul Nardini - Tricks
This refill package includes 8 pads of paper total. Everything you need for Ghost...
Ex Tax: $35.99
Refills for Lotto Square (100 units) by A.O. Smetsers and Alakazam Magic - Trick
100 Lotto Scratchers for Lotto Square by A.O. Smetsers..
Ex Tax: $49.99
Crystal Reading System for Psychic Fair Workers by Bill Montana - eBook DOWNLOAD
This is a comprehensive work on how to make serious money doing crystal readings at psychic fairs. B..
Ex Tax: $68.99
Ideas for Mentalism 1 by Bill Montana eBook DOWNLOAD
The effects contained in this e-book are totally self working. Best of all, most of the effects happ..
Ex Tax: $11.99
Almost Forgotten: Ideas for Mentalism 2 by Bill Montana eBook DOWNLOAD
These treasures have been reworked to bring them into the 21st century! Included in this volume are ..
Ex Tax: $12.99
The Vault by Docc Hilford and Inner Mind Productions - DVD
The name Docc Hilford is infamous when it comes to real world mentalism. On this two DVD set Docc ta..
Ex Tax: $52.99
Refills for Cartomancy by Alakazam Magic - Tricks
A pack of 40 refill scratch cards for the Cartomancy effect...
Ex Tax: $14.99
Refill for Peter Nardi's iChange Project by Alakazam - Trick
Refill for Peter Nardi's iChange Project trick by Alakazam...
Ex Tax: $25.99
Outs, Precautions and Challenges for Ambitious Card Workers by Charles H. Hopkins and The Conjuring Arts Research Center - eBook DOWNLOAD
This is a must have for all card magicians. With this information in your arsenal you can hardly go ..
Ex Tax: $12.99
REFILL for Butterfly Blizzard by Jeff McBride & Alan Wong - Trick
Third generation paper butterfly created by Alan Wong for Jeff McBride's Butterfly Blizzard trick. "..
Ex Tax: $27.99
REFILL for Souvenir Linking Loverbands (20 link, 10 single, BANDS ONLY) by Alan Wong - Tricks
20 linked heart shaped and 10 matching single refills for Souvenir Linking LoverbandsLinking LoverBa..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Breakfast Pack Match (Mentalism for Kids) by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD
Good comedy mentalism for kids is often hard to find. This funny effect is one that kids love and ca..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Paper Folding Stories for Magicians by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD
Clever paper-folding stories have always been popular with magicians. Such well-known magicians as G..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Forsee The Future by Devin Knight - ebook DOWNLOAD
DISCLAIMER: This ebook will teach you proven methods to remember dreams. It will teach you how to ha..
Ex Tax: $7.99
One Simple Step To Higher Web Rankings For Magicians by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD
Part of the Marketing for Magicians series.This ebook contains a new, never before revealed techniqu..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Refill for Magic Puzzle (mou) - Trick
Would you like to repeat The Magic Puzzle with a different piece? Now you can! Includes net bag, 50 ..
Ex Tax: $126.99
Refill Bands for Pi: Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello - Trick
Refill Pack. Never run out of the perfect bands!Includes: 350 Super Stretch Bands in a UV protective..
Ex Tax: $17.99
REFILL for Scratch and Grin by Andrew Gerard - Trick
Refill for Andrew Gerard's Scratch and Grin...
Ex Tax: $27.99
Body Language for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Ex Tax: $105.99
Cold Reading & Mentalism For The Psychic Entertainer by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD
This Encyclopedic Book of Almost 500 Large Format Pages Will Reveal to you exactly how to become a F..
Ex Tax: $50.99
Encyclopedia of Self-Help for Performers & Entertainers by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
(Techniques That Will Help You Be A Better Performer & Person) The Encyclopedia of Self-Help, Pe..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Hypnotherapy & NLP For the Psychic Entertainer & Mentalist by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
This Unique Package is intended to enable Psychic Entertainers and Mentalists to cash in on the Lucr..
Ex Tax: $196.99
Past Life Regression for the Magician & Mentalist by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Have You Lived Before? This is a Simple Guide to Past Life Regressions for The Hypnotherapist & ..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Stage Hypnosis for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Whether your desire is to just add a little Hypnosis to your Magic and Mentalism Routines, or your a..
Ex Tax: $63.99
Falling For You by Andrew Gerard - Trick
"Very rarely do I feel that I have created a new plot in card magic that is unique and baffling. Thi..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Cold Reading for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Arguably one of the most eye opening and truly revealing, whilst easy to understand and implement bo..
Ex Tax: $36.99
Comedy for Magicians by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Written by Jonathan Royle an established Comedy Entertainer of well over three decades, you will fin..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Within the pages of this dynamite PDF Ebook you will find links to a total of Twelve (12) mind blowi..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Street Hypnosis for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
This intensive training set of One Hour & 46 Minutes is made up of a total of 14 Unique Video Tr..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Anthony Owen Talks To Jay Fortune No.2 (The Magic Interview Series) - Trick
"I thought CDs were out as a way of learning about magic, but this one by Anthony Owen proves I was ..
Ex Tax: $40.99
Magic Interview Series No.1: Wayne Dobson talks to Jay Fortune (2 CD Set) - Trick
Imagine having one of the world's top magicians in your home, discussing their magical life, their f..
Ex Tax: $40.99
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