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Real Egg for Silk to Egg Routine By Magic Universe Inc
Real Egg is a must have for a Silk to Egg Production. All the eggs are hand made and are of excel..
Ex Tax: $39.99
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Dancing With The Cards by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD
Award-winning columnist Michael Breggar is back with his signature quirky, yet amazing and professio..
Ex Tax: $20.99
Back To The Launching Pad by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD
Michael Breggar, the award-winning author of "Auto-Magic" (seen monthly in The Linking Ring), is bac..
Ex Tax: $10.99
The Five Roads to Vegas by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD
A broad range of outstanding, sleight-free magic from award-winning The Linking Ring Auto-Magic colu..
Ex Tax: $10.99
Fake Egg Brown by Quique Marduk - Trick
This special Egg is made of PVC. It's a great advantage that the egg is made out of PVC because heat..
Ex Tax: $11.99
Egg, Sausage & Peas (ESP) by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
"It's a solid take on a complete, baffling and entertaining mentalism act." Wayne Kawamoto, Magic.Ab..
Ex Tax: $69.99
Deluxe Latex (Vinyl) Egg-Tissue to Egg Routine by Viking Magic - Trick
These latex eggs are among some of the finest. The look is so real, they will fool a chicken! Becaus..
Ex Tax: $31.99
Egg Holder by Sorcier Magic - Trick
Have you ever wanted to produce an egg? How about ditching your fake egg and secretly obtaining a re..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Orange, Lemon, Egg & Canary (Pro Series 9) by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD
An effect that is over 100 years old, and become a signature routine of some of the world's most tal..
Ex Tax: $29.99
Egg to Tortoise (Sponge) by Mr. Magic - Trick
The magician shows a sponge egg in his hand. The egg is pushed into his closed fist. He waves his ot..
Ex Tax: $28.99
Ultimate Egg Bag by Mr. Magic - Trick
With the Mr. Magic Ultimate Egg Bag, you can vanish and make an egg appear right before your audienc..
Ex Tax: $15.99
Egg Skin by The Great Gorgonzola - Trick
The Egg Skin is retrieved from inside the shell of a duck's egg. It is most often used for Egg on Fa..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Details Pre-OrderInquire Now
Silicone Egg (Brown) by Alan Wong - Trick
A very convincing standard brown shell egg made from top quality silicone material for the brown egg..
Ex Tax: $15.99
Sponge Eggs (4pk.) by Alan Wong - Trick
Sponge Eggs by Alan Wong Eggs are always funny and loved by the audience in any magic show. Sponge e..
Ex Tax: $17.99
Details Pre-OrderInquire Now
Wooden Egg by Mr. Magic - Trick
This product is a very useful and versatile tool for any magician, and can be used in a variety of e..
Ex Tax: $3.99
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