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AmazeBox Kraft (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc./Theory11
Vanishing Inc. and theory11 are proud to present their first collaboration - The AmazeBox Kraft by..
Ex Tax: $83.00
MINT BOX (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Daniel Garcia
A new design for an age-old plot... and more. A spectator selects and signs a card. WHAM! It&..
Ex Tax: $83.00
Bunny Box Production By Magic Universe Inc
Bunny Box Production By Valentino Yerolemou The Magic Universe is proud to present its first clear ..
Ex Tax: $499.99
Transformation Drawer Box (Professional All Wood) - Trick
This beautiful drawer box is hand crafted and is as impressive in action as it is to look at. Make i..
Ex Tax: $171.99
Comedy Lunch Box by David Ginn - eBook DOWNLOAD
Comedy Lunch Box, David's original 4-kid routine with lots of stage laughs and a big surprise at the..
Ex Tax: $3.99
Match Box Delights by David Ginn - eBook DOWNLOAD
Matchbox Delights, by David Ginn with help from Bev Bergeron, teaching you dozens of magic tricks wi..
Ex Tax: $3.99
Glass Box Revisited Book by Devin Knight - ebook - DOWNLOAD
This is the Glass Box Prediction on steroids! New and exciting techniques that take the original gla..
Ex Tax: $54.99
Little Box That Could book Allen Zingg
In 2004, Allen Zingg discovered a small exotic box. Crafted from wood with brass-colored metal accen..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Voodoo Box by Andrew Mayne - Book
Andrew Mayne presents a practical, radical twist on a classic illusion. It's both a great starter il..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Corradin Box by Anton Corradin - Trick
EffectThe magician presents the spectator with a beautiful and ornate wooden box. He removes the lid..
Ex Tax: $90.99
Telekinetic Boxes by Astor - Trick
The Magician uses a blue and a red box for this trick. The spectator can place his/her own ring into..
Ex Tax: $54.99
ESP Boxes by Astor - Trick
EffectThe magician asks the spectator to choose one of five boxes in a bag. The spectator opens his ..
Ex Tax: $67.99
X-Ray Box by Bazar de Magia - Trick
A spectator selects a card from the deck and the magician displays a small polished aluminum box. He..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set Playing Cards
Atlantic City. 1920. The Volstead act has made it hard to find a drink in this town, unless you know..
Ex Tax: $174.99
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Stainless Steel Buddha Coin Box Set by Chazpro Magic - Trick
The Buddha Coin Boxes are popular with magicians and the choice of many professionals for over 15 ye..
Ex Tax: $133.99
Buddha Boston Box by Chazpro - Trick
Make coins vanish or penetrate through a brass box. Examinable. Whether you are new to coin magic an..
Ex Tax: $40.99
Buddha Sucker Box
For a humorous finish to your coin box routine, switch in the Buddha Sucker Box and ask a spectator ..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Buddha Slot Box Chazpro
The Buddha Box is like a standard Okito Box, except that there is a slot that runs around the bottom..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Details Pre-OrderInquire Now
Buddha Magnetic Okito Box
If you're looking for a coin box that's more attractive than the standard "pill box" type, the Buddh..
Ex Tax: $54.99
Details Pre-OrderInquire Now
Coin Box Killers by Doug Brewer - Book
Stand-up Routines for the Coin Worker's Favorite Prop Each one of these routines has a unique need o..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Details Pre-OrderInquire Now
Okito Box by Lewis Ganson - Book
This book discusses the Okito Box in full detail. Information on the basics as well as more advanced..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Matchless Matchboxes
Matchless Matchboxes.....
Ex Tax: $9.99
Treasure Box (Crystal) Royal Magic
This is a wonderful puzzle, trick and all-around fascinating prop. From first glance, the box is int..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Sure Shot Dice Box by Royal Magic - Trick
You control the laws of chance!Imagine being able to control a roll of the dice. The Sure Shot Dice ..
Ex Tax: $3.99
Drawer Box - Royal - Trick
One of the most versatile props in magic! This trick allows the magician to perform a wide variety o..
Ex Tax: $6.99
NO BOX by Gonçalo Gil and MacGimmick - Trick
No Box revolutionizes the "Card to Impossible Location" plot. No Box is Gonçalo G..
Ex Tax: $80.99
Genii Magazine "The 49 Boxes - Anniversary Edition" December 2017 - Book
Ex Tax: $9.99
Drop Down Mirror Box (Large/Red) by Ickle Pickle - Trick
Want to amaze your audience by producing something in an incredibly magical way? The most beautiful ..
Ex Tax: $331.99
Drop Down Mirror Box (Small/Black) by Ickle Pickle  - Trick
Want to amaze your audience by producing something in an incredibly magical way? The most beautiful ..
Ex Tax: $199.99
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