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Gems of Mental Magic by Arthur Buckley and The Conjuring Arts Research Center - eBook DOWNLOAD
A great mindreading piece will elevate most acts, choose one of these gems to add to your act! When ..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Card Control by Arthur H Buckley - Book
This profusely illustrated book demonstrates, step-by-step, the astonishing card magic cultivated by..
Ex Tax: $14.99
The Power of Perception by Arthur Setterington - Book
Arthur Setterington's POP is legendary amongst mentalists as pure, direct, entertaining mentalism at..
Ex Tax: $67.99
Art of Levitation Arthur Tracz, DVD
With the techniques and methods explained on the Art of Levitation, you can learn how to levitate. N..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Arthurian Playing Cards - Excalibur Edition by Jackson Robinson
The Arthurian Excalibur Edition Playing Cards is a limited edition set of hand-illustrated playing c..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Houdini Periodical Bibliography by Arthur Moses - Book
Covering a time period from 1898 to 2005, this bibliography includes 541 individual title listings w..
Ex Tax: $54.99
Welded - New And Improved by Brent Arthur James Geris and Brian Herbert - Trick
EffectFour quarters of the Jacks are shown one at a time, both the fronts & backs, and one ..
Ex Tax: $23.99
Vertical Plain by Brent Arthur James Geris - Trick
A spectator is asked to select any card from a pack of "flash cards", which are double-blank playing..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Tivoli Box (Simplex Card to Box) by Arthur Tivoli - Trick
Here's just one of the many effects possible with Arthur Tivoli's Simplex Card to Box: EffectThe mag..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Milo & Roger by Arthur Brandon - Book
A Magical Life Milo & Roger were one of the greatest comedy magic acts of the twentieth century!..
Ex Tax: $50.99
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