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Smoke 2.0 by Alan Rorrison Theory11
Produce a cloud of smoke - from your mouth - on command. An ALL-NEW version, five years in the makin..
Ex Tax: $105.00
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Trilogy version 2.0 (W/DVD) by Brian Caswell and Alakazam Magic - Trick
3 Times The Effect 100 Times The Impact!You name a random card, spectator one picks a random number...
Ex Tax: $69.99
Sticky Blue Book 2.0 by Anthony Owen - Book
Anthony Owen is the BAFTA and Rose D'or award winning producer of The Real Hustle, The Secret World ..
Ex Tax: $40.99
Antoninus Pius Version 2.0 - Trick
The legend tells that in the year 141 A.D. Antoninus Plus, the Roman Empire Emperor, had to go on a ..
Ex Tax: $77.99
Happie Amp 2.0 (220V) by B Happie Entertainment - Trick
This is the same exact Happie Amp 2.0 as the american version but in 220V with a european plug.This ..
Ex Tax: $496.99
Szechuan Sampler 2.0 by Larry Becker and Lee Earle - Trick
EffectThe performer hands four authentic menus from different Chinese restaurants to a participant, ..
Ex Tax: $67.99
Anttack 2.0 Free Trailer Only Download
This is the TRAILER for Anttack 2.0 by Christopher Ballinger. This IS NOT a download of the actual t..
Ex Tax: $-0.01
PRR 2.0 by Nefesch eBook DOWNLOAD
In 2008 Nefesch released a 3 set DVD. One of the best received effects in the set had the title P.R...
Ex Tax: $23.99
Orbiter 2.0 Playing Card Display - Trick
Orbiter 2.0 features an innovative concept of how you view, store, and display your playing card col..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Nomad Pad 2.0 by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Four years after the successful launch of Nomad Pad... Presenting the next generation. We have worke..
Ex Tax: $159.99
Spreadwave 2.0 (Cards and Online Instructions) by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Show a blank deck of cards, ask someone to call for a card Spread the cards...The named car..
Ex Tax: $63.00
Printing 2.0 with New Ending (DVD and Gimmicks) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
If "Printing" became one of the biggest magic best-sellers of all time, it's because it revolutioniz..
Ex Tax: $26.99
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Printing 2.0 (DVD and Gimmicks) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
If "Printing" became one of the biggest magic best-sellers of all time, it's because it revolutioniz..
Ex Tax: $25.99
Knock Out v2.0 (Includes Cards) by Peter Eggink - DVD
The professional TRIPLE signed card to impossible location!EffectThree freely selected, signed cards..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Intercessor 2.0 by Gaetan Bloom and Luis De Matos - DVD
The Intercessor is a unique gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by the inventive Gaetan Bl..
Ex Tax: $67.99
Bicycle Grid 2.0 Original (Very Rare) by Gamblers Warehouse
THE GRID was the debut playing card deck from 4PM DESIGNS. Inspired by a digital world full of vibra..
Ex Tax: $67.99
Genii Magazine "The Illusionists 2.0"  June 2014 - Book
FeatureThe Illusionists 2.0 by Luis de MatosPeter Morrison: The Marrakech Magic Man by David RegalTh..
Ex Tax: $9.99
The Mini Switch Wallet 2.0 by Heinz Minten - Trick
Selected Card Appears In The Zip Compartment Of This Special Wallet. This Top Quality mini size leat..
Ex Tax: $54.99
iCube 2.0 by Hugo Shelley  - Trick
A classic effect with a revolutionary twist, iCube (and its companion mobile app) opens up a world o..
Ex Tax: $382.99
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Joe Porper's Wedding Band Ellis Ring v 2.0 - Trick
One of the great classic items in the world of magic is the Jardine Ellis Ring. You have an ordinary..
Ex Tax: $265.99
Strong Box 2.0 by Joe Porper - Trick
You might ask, "Why a NEW STRONGBOX?" Turns out there are literally hundreds of the originals out th..
Ex Tax: $331.99
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