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Tenyo Co., Ltd.

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Fortune Donut (T-231) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
Show your audience a circular-shaped card that contains the pictures of many playing cards. Allow yo..
Ex Tax: $48.99
Four Nightmares DX by Tenyo Magic - Trick
A new, sensational rope routine!Learn "Professor's Nightmare", then continue with 4 additional effec..
Ex Tax: $80.99
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Super Sponge Balls (T-217) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
Sponge balls magically appear from a purse frame, and then take on a life of their own! The balls di..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Flash Dice (T-72) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
1. Six dice are placed into a small case at random and covered with a lid and shaken.2. When the lid..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Zig Zag Cig (T-110) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
A borrowed cigarette is placed into a case where it remains fully visible. The center portion of the..
Ex Tax: $23.99
Silk to Egg (T-68) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
Into your closed hand you tuck a silk handkerchief. After rubbing the silk between your hands you op..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Crystal Cleaver (T-155) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
A ring (which may be borrowed) is placed into a crystal casket and the top is closed. The box is cov..
Ex Tax: $30.99
Rope To Silk (T-71) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
You show a very soft rope to your audience. By stroking the rope it becomes rigid and stands vertica..
Ex Tax: $29.99
Card Case (T-40) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
You can show many tricks with one case. Effect1.You can vanish a card in this case.2.You can make a ..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Milk Tumbler (T-31) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
A sheet of drawing paper is rolled into a cone. A full tumbler of milk is then poured into the cone...
Ex Tax: $17.99
New Koornwinder Kar (T-227) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
Many professional magicians consider this unique effect to be a masterpiece of powerful magic. It is..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Silk From Hanky (T-10) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
The classic is easier to perform than ever!  Magically transform any hanky into a beautiful red..
Ex Tax: $17.99
Burglar ball (T-163) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
From Tenyo, it's Burglar-Ball, the break-in mystery! An amazing magic trick featuring a solid clear ..
Ex Tax: $22.99
Oh No! (T-166) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
The magician displays a small box containing a pair of scissors. He places his finger through the tu..
Ex Tax: $38.99
Balloon Illusion (T-232) by Tenyo Magic - Trick
Insert a balloon into the tube, and pierce it with two solid spikes. The balloon does not 'pop,' but..
Ex Tax: $54.99
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