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Refill Big Revelation (Pack of 3) by Wayne Dobson - Trick
If you are performing Wayne Dobson's Big Revelation often, you are probably going to want to grab yo..
Ex Tax: $20.99
Z-6 Book Only (No Wallet) by Wayne Dobson - Book
This booklet includes six fantastic routines hatched from Wayne Dobson's slightly Z wallet obsessed ..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Celebrity Deck by Wayne Dobson - Trick
So what is 'The Celebrity Deck'? Well, we could tell you that it is a devilishly clever trick from t..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Magic Interview Series No.1: Wayne Dobson talks to Jay Fortune (2 CD Set) - Trick
Imagine having one of the world's top magicians in your home, discussing their magical life, their f..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson - eBook DOWNLOAD
10 Incredible Hands Off routines The one condition I set myself in developing these routines is that..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Ping and Pong by Wayne Dobson - eBook DOWNLOAD
Ping and Pong...Is an extremely entertaining and commercial routine for the 'Chinese Sticks' which h..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Second Chance by Wayne Dobson eBook DOWNLOAD
EffectWithout you even touching the deck a spectator thinks of any card and removes it from the deck..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Special Effects by Wayne Dobson - eBook DOWNLOAD
"Special Effects is my latest, and I honestly believe my best book to date. Within its forty pages, ..
Ex Tax: $19.99
WD40 by Wayne Dobson eBook DOWNLOAD
WD40 contains 40 great tricks from Wayne's own professional repertoire, and more than a quarter of t..
Ex Tax: $26.99
Z6 by Wayne Dobson & Heinz Minten - Trick
This great little package includes a Z wallet, and six routines hatchedfrom Wayne Dobson's slightly ..
Ex Tax: $58.99
3 Choice by Wayne Dobson & Heinz Minten
"Wayne has created a routine that fits my needs; a clever method, direct effect and a lasting impact..
Ex Tax: $77.99
Dobson's Choice TV Stuff Wayne Dobson Volume 1 - DVD
Wayne, who suffers from MS (Multiple Sclerosis), still performs and lectures as much as he ever did...
Ex Tax: $45.99
Dobson's Choice TV Stuff Volume 3 by Wayne Dobson - DVD
Welcome to the final installment of this trilogy of TV clips. The bonus footage features a 30 minute..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Dobson's Choice TV Stuff Volume 2 by Wayne Dobson - DVD
Welcome to another compilation of various TV clips from Wayne's hit TV series 'A Kind of Magic'. Onc..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Dobson's Choice #1 by Wayne Dobson - Book
For any performer, professional or amateur, this book is (as Ken Brooke would have said) Gold Dust. ..
Ex Tax: $26.99
TNT Reloaded by Wayne Dobson - Trick
Here is the latest effect from Wayne Dobson and updated version of one of this classics - This, That..
Ex Tax: $26.99
Dobson's Choice Volume 3 Final Cut
Wayne Dobson adds yet another masterpiece to his celebrated book series "Dobson's Choice". Much like..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Wayne Dobson and Friends - Book
Wayne Dobson's previous book, WD40, was a huge international sell out success, and now Wayne is back..
Ex Tax: $90.99
FLUKE by Wayne Dobson - Trick
A red deck and a blue deck is shown, and one chosen by a spectator, say the red deck.The spectator n..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Magic Spell by Wayne Dobson - Trick
 This is a great commercial routine from the brilliant Mr .Dobson.You separate six half cards i..
Ex Tax: $21.99
ESP by Wayne Dobson
Wayne has always been fascinated with "out" effect. They are very direct and straight to the point. ..
Ex Tax: $21.99
Glimpse by Wayne Dobson - Trick
This top quality mini size leather wallet has been specially designed for secretly revealing any inf..
Ex Tax: $52.99
Classic Card to Wallet by Wayne Dobson - Trick
EffectA card is freely selected, signed and returned to the deck, which is then sjhuffled. Removing ..
Ex Tax: $90.99
Taking Notes by Wayne Dobson - Trick
A greatly improved version of my Trick 3 Choice The wallet has been completely redesigned and now fi..
Ex Tax: $54.99
Clever Deck (Reshuffled) by Wayne Dobson - Trick
Vanishing bandana on steroids.Yes it's back and better then before...A sensation at Blackpool 2014, ..
Ex Tax: $39.99
50 SHADES OF GOLD - 50 Stagecraft Secrets by Wayne Dobson - Book
From a star studded career on the biggest stages. Royal command performances and years in TV, Wayne ..
Ex Tax: $13.99
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